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Findlay and Gillian's Wedding

These are low-res files ... feel free to save them for emailing or whatever. They won't print with any quality at sizes bigger than about 3 inches by 2.

For prints: I've put a dozen of the images into an album on Photobox. Photobox is an online service for ordering prints. You pick the image, pick the size you want it, and pay online, then they print the image onto proper photo paper and mail it out to you. I've used the service before, and it's very fast, with good quality prints. The images are all suitable for printing to around 10x8 inches. They've been posted with fairly generous white borders, and are actually scaled to allow printing, with the border, at 12 x 10 ... one of the standard sizes. The exception is Findlay and Gillian by the door of Cherry Grove, which is scaled to print with border at 10 x8. They should all print fine at smaller sizes.

The link to the Photobox album is: ... or just click here.

I can put more images onto Photobox, but I'll wait to see which ones folk want. Feedback, preferences, questions ... mail me here

the first set: concentrating on the Appy Couple

The evening before, and Gillian's walk from the Hawthorns down to the wedding.

The wedding at Cherry Grove

The reception at the Cromdale Hall

The ceilidh ...