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Before the wedding ...

Gillian getting ready and then walking down from the Hawthorns with her family; a couple of shots at the Cromdale Hall , and of Findlay's session at the Craig on the evening before the wedding.

gill_prep_01a.jpg gill_prep_02a.jpg gill_prep_03a.jpg
gill_prep_04b.jpg gill_walk_01b.jpg gill_walk_02b.jpg
gill_walk_03b.jpg gill_walk_04b2.jpg gill_walk_05b.jpg
gill_walk_06b.jpg gill_walk_07b.jpg gill_walk_08b2.jpg
gill_walk_09.jpg gill_walk_09b.jpg gill_walk_10b.jpg
guests_07a.jpg guests_08a.jpg guests_10a.jpg
guests_21b.jpg pan_haw_03a.jpg pan_haw_04b.jpg
pan_haw_05a.jpg pancraig_08b.jpg pancraig_09b.jpg