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The Ceilidh

The more critical among you may notice that some of these shots aren't entirely sharp, nor all that brighly lit. I merely wish to point out that I had far less to drink than many of those present, that the light was at times exceedingly poor, getting worse throughout the evening, and that many people displayed a capacity for random movement (also getting worse throughout the evening) which ....

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cleav_02a.jpg cleav_03d.jpg cleav_06b.jpg
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dance_04a.jpg dance_05a.jpg dance_06a.jpg
dance_07a.jpg dance_08a.jpg dance_09a.jpg
Dsc_0602a.jpg Dsc_0606a.jpg Dsc_0609a.jpg
Dsc_0610b.jpg fin_gill_ceilidh_04a.jpg fin_gill_ceilidh_05a.jpg
fin_gill_ceilidh_06a.jpg fin_gill_ceilidh_07a.jpg fin_gill_ceilidh_08a.jpg
fin_gill_ceilidh_09bw.jpg guests_22a.jpg guests_23a.jpg
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guests_49a.jpg guests_51a.jpg guests_52b.jpg

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