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Domestic nudes

These started in response to a beautiful image called Nu Provencal, made in 1949 by French photographer Willy Ronis. They're like an attempt to translate that image into 2005. 'Domestic' is a tricky word, though ... it's shorthand for a dispute between partners, for instance. I started calling my images 'eirenic' nudes as an alternative, ... 'eirenic' means peaceful, it comes from the same Greek word that the name 'Irene' is derived from. These nudes are at one end of a continuum; at the other end are what I call 'agonistic' nudes; I've written about domestic and agonistic figures in the fine art section of the site.

But the idea here is simple; I want to show women doing ordinary, everyday things where normally they'd be comfortable and relaxed, probably alone, and not worrying about how they look to someone else; washing, relaxing, playing ... getting ready for a night out, or just hanging out. Mostly they're shot in a bathroom or a bedroom. It's as if there was nobody else around. There's no emphasis on sexuality, but it's a natural part of a woman, so if it comes across, that's fine. And the key thing isn't nudity ... many of them are of women who aren't naked. They're images of women being as naked as they feel like.
5kp_bath_06_160.jpg Clare_bath_195a_160.jpg DSC_0245b_160.jpg
DSC_0360c_160.jpg Lea_bath_02.jpg Lea_bath_27.jpg
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