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A couple of years ago I spent some time in Karlsruhe, in Germany, and I began to photograph some of the city's fountains ... or, particularly, the sculpted figures which some of the fountains incorporated. I began to be puzzled by the fact that you could have, in a prominent position, in a public place, a naturalistic sculpture of a naked woman, but a real naked woman was taboo. At the same time, I became intrigued by the way that the real people passing by often echoed, either in pose or in 'action', the sculpted figures. There are some of those Karlsruhe photographs here.

The last few years, before my father's death a couple of years ago, and more recently to watch Leeds United, I've visited Leeds again. It's the city where I grew up, full of memories, and bugger it, I love the place. Some of those memories include the nude sculptures in City Square, and the Henry Moore piece outside the City Galleries on the Headrow. So I've decided to start photographing Leeds. I'm going to photograph the places I remember with affection ... Elland Road, the market, and central places like Briggate, Vicar Lane, the arcades ... and of course, the people. Including the naked women.

So, here goes ... the first few include the sculptures in City Square and the Headrow, and some from Leeds Market.
citysq_01.jpg citysq_02.jpg citysq_03.jpg
galleries_005c.jpg galleries_008b.jpg market_01.jpg
market_03.jpg market_04.jpg market_05.jpg